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Before you begin the task, please read the following consent form.

Principal Investigator: Lesley Fellows, MD, DPhil Montreal Neurological Institute, 3801 University St.Montreal, QC, H3A 2B4. Email: Telephone: 514-398-8980

Study Purpose

This study aims to understand the factors that influence decision-making. You will first be asked to rate images, such as of people, food or art, and then to make choices between those images, as well as to answer some questions about your personality and decision style. The study will take about 20 minutes.


There is no direct benefit to you during your participation in this study.

Potential Risks

There are no anticipated physical risks of participating in this research. You may find the tasks dull or tiring.


The investigators will maintain all information collected in this study strictly confidential, except as may be required by court order or by law. All information collected in the study will be stored initially on a computer server, protected by standard physical and digital security measures. Potentially identifying information (your email address), is kept separate from your test performance data, which are labelled only with a study code. You may use a temporary email address for this study, if you wish. Once a month, all data will be permanently removed from the server, and the code-identified data will be transferred to a secured computer within the Principal Investigator’s laboratory for a period of up to 7 years.

Your email address will be deleted at the completion of this study (see Compensation section), unless you wish to be contacted about future, similar studies. If you do, we would keep your email address for up to 5 years, for the purposes of contacting you. In that case, we would link you email address to your study code in a password-protected file, separate from the data files. You will not be identified in any publication or presentation that may result from this research. If you agree (see below), the data (without any link to you as an individual) may also be made available to other researchers to allow more to be learned.


You are free to withdraw from the experiment at any time, and can do so simply by closing the webpage. No data will be kept if you exit the webpage before you have completed the study. If you choose to withdraw after completing the study, you may do so by contacting the Principal Investigator by email or phone. Any personally identifiable information, i.e. your email address, and any data that can be linked to it will be deleted if you so request. Fully de-identified data cannot be deleted.

Non-Waiver of Legal Rights

By accepting to participate in this project, you are not waiving any of your legal rights nor discharging the researchers, or the institution of their civil and professional responsibility.


If you complete the study, you will be entered into a draw for one of five 100$ gift cards to At the conclusion of this study, five participants will be randomly selected and will be contacted at the email address they provided to claim their prize. Once the prizes have been drawn, all email addresses will be deleted, unless you indicate otherwise, below.


If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research subject and you wish to discuss them with someone not conducting the study, you may contact the Montreal Neurological Hospital, Patient Ombudsman at 514-934-1934, ext 48306. The study Principal Investigator can be reached at the phone number or email address provided at the top of this form.

Click ‘Participate’ to acknowledge that you have read and understand this form and consent to participate in the research as it is described to you above.