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Our web-based research projects

In our lab, we conduct not only experiments combining behavioural data and ERPs, but also simulations of artificial neural networks. However, not everyone is willing to come out to the lab and have to wear an EEG cap full of gel!

That`s why we have created cognitive psychology experiments online. By participating, you are helping us reach our research objectives and at the same time you might learn something about your own cognition. You will also have the opportunity to be paid for your contribution via Paypal !

Below you will see a list of experiments currently available for participation. Click on one of them to find out more or to participate!

Categorize and Learn

Test your aptitude at discriminating visual textures

Become an expert

Test your aptitude at discriminating visual textures and try to become an expert.

Decision-making task

A two-choice decision task between self-rated pieces of art.

Complex Sound Categorization (BENJAMIN)

Test your aptitude at discriminating and learning to categorize audio stimuli

Birds songs


The Learning of Sound Categories

Learn sound categories

Unidimensional experiment

Discriminate between and categorize stimuli that only differ along one dimension: loudness.

CRBLM workshop

An experiment to show what percept is capable of

Real Words Task vo


How well can you hear sounds in noisy conditions?


Unidimensional Extra Blocks


spanish oral judgment task


Birds song 2


Political Rating Task

A rating task of politician images.

Real Words Task vc


Tone Learning Experiment

An experiment designed to compare two methods for learning to categorize tones

Free the fish the right way




A simple Wisconsin Card Sorting experiment


PSYC396 Experiment